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Are You Getting the Most from Your Risk Management Program?

A free SAI Global Health Check can help.

In today’s uncertain business climate, it’s more important than ever for organizations to have a robust risk management program to quickly identify and address enterprise threats. As you navigate the growing complexities of this environment, we’re here to help you leverage your existing SAI360 solutions to proactively and accurately respond to whatever comes next.

Work with one of our experts to review your system and develop a personalized Health Check Report to help your organization identify any gaps and maximize your use of SAI360. There’s no need for an on-site visit, our team can work with you remotely. Get results faster to meet your business objectives.

Optimize your program

No matter the maturity level of your risk management program, there are always ways to enhance your organization’s use of SAI360. Let one of our experts at SAI Global help you optimize your program. For a limited time only, we are offering a free SAI360 Health Check. 

As part of the SAI360 Health Check, we will work alongside your system admin team to review your system utilization and provide best-practice recommendations on how you can take advantage of platform functionality to truly level-up your risk management analysis and reporting so that you can better highlight the insights and capabilities of your risk program.

  • Maximize your ROI – Ensure that SAI360 is delivering value to your organization
  • Increase usability and efficiency – Through an improved user experience
  • Stay current – With latest trends, features, products and SAI360 best practices
  • Improve how you adapt SAI360 to change – The pandemic and current events have risk managers fielding more questions about risk exposures; we can discuss how to optimize data source inputs, data analysis approaches, and best practices in reporting to stakeholders, including how to encourage self-service reporting by key collaborators

What’s included:

  • Review of your current implementation
  • A virtual and interactive Health Check Session with an SAI360 consultant
  • Personalized Health Check Report

Take the next step to enhancing your program, reach out to your account manager or fill out the form below to schedule your SAI360 health check today!


Request your SAI360 Health Check:





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