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Operational Resilience: Connecting the Dots (Philadelphia, PA)

Ensuring operational resilience is a complex process. It requires coordination and cooperation between multiple disciplines which often operate in silos from each other: business continuity management, cyber security, and vendor risk management. With an increased dependency on third-party vendors and digital infrastructure, business continuity teams must evolve and adapt their planning, assessment, exercise, and recovery activities. Organizations are realizing the importance of “connecting the dots” between Business Continuity Management, Cyber Security, and Vendor Continuity Management to provide a complete perspective of threats to operational and organizational resiliency.

When does a cyber incident becomes a Business Continuity event?

Is that the choice of the cybersecurity risk team or are there protocols and systems that can determine the risk and implement the correct recovery process?  At the event, participants will take a deeper look at Cybersecurity risk, and consider cyber threat risk scenarios while gaining an understanding of how to recover from them. Participants will learn how to build and activate a Cyber Security Incident Response Team to not only identify and mitigate risk but also how to recover from a breach.

Join SAI Global and your local industry peers for an engaging executive roundtable as we delve into why it is so critical, and how you can connect the dots between Business Continuity Management, Cyber Risk and Vendor Risk Management, for maximum operational resilience.

Operational Resilience: Connecting the Dots
Philadelphia Marriott West
111 Crawford Avenue
West Conshohocken, PA, 19428
Salon D.
Date: Wednesday, May 15th, 2019


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