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It’s Here! 2018 Wiring Rules Changes With The Chairman


Gary Busbridge, Chairman of the EL001 Wiring Rules standards committee provides a closer look at the major changes in the new Wiring Rules out now.

Gary Busbridge, Standardisation Manager at Clipsal and Chair of the Australian and New Zealand committee responsible for the revision of the new Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000), provides an overview of the major changes in the new edition released June 26th, 2018. 


Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

All final sub-circuits in a residential installation, no matter the amperage or number of phases, are to be 30mA RCD protected. In general, the changes made now require fixed or stationary electrical equipment, such as a hot water service, cooktop, oven or range to be protected by a 30mA RCD.

In non-residential installations, all final sub-circuits, up to and including 32A, multi-phase and lighting, are to be 30mA RCD protected. There are however two scenarios to this requirement so it is especially important to read and understand the new requirements.

There are several exceptions to the non-residential installations that exist already but a new one has been added. If the owner/operator deems that a piece of electrical equipment must not be exposed to nuisance tripping, as it may cause economic or personnel disruption for example, then the RCD can be left off the final sub-circuit. As with any of these exceptions it is required to have over-current protection at the switchboard, mechanical protection of the cable, wiring connection marked to state that RCD protection is not provided.


Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Technical details as to electric vehicle charging and required installation practices have been added in the appendices. Whilst this is a recommendation, any person looking at design and construct should consider installation of these devices where required.

Stay tuned for all the changes covering Residual Current Devices (RCDs), Mains Wwitches, Kitchens, Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs), Switchboards, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems, Lifts, Safety Services, Alterations and Repairs, Water heaters, Conductors, Outbuildings and Recessed Lighting.






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* Gary Michael Busbridge has been with Clipsal for over 40 years, after graduating from the University of South Australia in 1973. Predominantly, his responsibility was Design Manager for all Australian Electrical Accessories, including aspects of Data and C-Bus, Export and Industrial design, development, product maintenance and prototyping. Inevitably, this led to involvement with the Standards Association of Australia and membership of committees and working groups from 1998.

His new role of Standardisation Manager is to ensure Global and Regional Standards are aligned to the electrical contracting business and electrical accessories manufacture. This also includes relevant IEC standards and applications. In November 2011 he was made Chairman of the EL001 Wiring Rules standards committee.





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