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Anatomy of a Best Practice Compliance Program and Training Experience

Webinar speakers: 

  • Luis Canuto, Deputy Group Compliance Officer, Schindler Elevator Corporation
  • Tiffany Archer, Regional Ethics & Compliance Officer, Corporate Counsel (Americas & Europe), Panasonic Avionics
  • Rebecca Turco, Senior Vice President, E&C Learning, SAI Global

We all want to be better at our jobs, and there are risk-based and values-based best practices that can help. Whether you're constructing your first compliance program, improving the one you recently took over, or strategically changing what you've been growing for years, this hour-long discussion will have something for you.  

In this webinar, we share data collected in SAI Global's 2020 E&C Benchmark Report from over 170 global programs and use it as the foundation for a conversation with two in-house compliance professionals.

Tiffany Archer and Luis Canuto share their perspectives and experiences building and supporting global E&C programs and delivering training in strategic and forward-thinking ways to help inspire you moving forward.  

Topics covered:

  • New June 2020 DOJ guidance and regulatory POVs on COVID-19 E&C activity 
  • How compliance can communicate and collaborate effectively throughout an organization  
  • Adapting program activity and training to remote work and a global audience  
  • Measuring program effectiveness and using data, analytics, and risk assessments to make smarter decisions  
  • Operationalizing best practices into actionable tactics you can start using  

Webinar audience poll results:


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