Simplify Your Investigation Process and Reduce Regulatory and Compliance Risk

Is your healthcare organization audit-ready?

An often overlooked and vital piece to any successful healthcare compliance program is how its incident reporting and investigations are being managed. Ad-hoc tools and inconsistent processes can unknowingly increase an organization's exposure.

Don't allow the investigation process to overwhelm your organization. Creating a culture of compliance can be done efficiently and successfully through automation.

In this 30-min. webinar, Jeff Hyre and Bruno Araujo from SAI360 discuss practical tips for your investigation process, the importance of activity automation, and provide a live technology demonstration of SAI360 Healthcare GRC.

  • Save time: Reduce time to identify and address the root causes of problems
  • Configurability: User-configurable intake web forms, dashboards, workflows, and multiple integration options 
  • Analytics: Simplified reporting with configurable reports and dashboards to show trends, financial implications, corrective actions and preventative measures
  • Preparedness: Establish an audit-ready, closed-loop process from intake through investigation, reporting, analysis and corrective action

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