Watch Tech In Action: Ensuring Compliance in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Landscape

Bruno Araujo


Kurt Lindheimer


Is your healthcare compliance program able to maintain an audit-ready state?

Maintaining an audit-ready state in a rapidly changing regulatory environment remains an ongoing challenge for compliance officers struggling with disparate technologies, data silos, and resource constraints within their organizations.

How do top healthcare organizations demonstrate evidence of compliance to internal and external stakeholders successfully?

During this 30-min. webinar, Kurt Lindheimer and Bruno Araujo from SAI360 discuss best practices to operationalize evidencing of compliance through GRC automation activity and provide a technology demonstration of building a virtual evidence room.

Learn the importance of:

  • AUTOMATION: Reduce time to assemble evidence of compliance across the organization through dynamic linking of key data/evidence and maintain an audit ready state.
  • CONFIGURABILITY: Configuring virtual evidence rooms to demonstrate evidence of compliance with regulations/laws/standards, policies and procedures, trends, corrective actions, and preventative measures implemented and monitored over time.
  • PREPAREDNESS: Assessing current compliance posture for existing, or pending, federally enacted legislation to maintain, or become, fully compliant.

Speakers: Kurt Lindheimer and Bruno Araujo, SAI360

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