GDPR: Does Your Training Program Need a Refresh?

GDPR has been in place for three years now, and while many companies have adjusted to its data privacy legislation, the original processes and training you’ve implemented might need a refresh.

SAI360 offers a range of online training courses covering GDPR and data privacy topics that can be easily implemented across any organization.

Register for access to our Learning Hub to preview all of our GDPR and data privacy courses and content in your own time. Discover exactly what is available in our vast library, try the courses for yourself and watch all of the videos and teasers.

Benefits of our training courses include:

  • Engaging and interactive instructional course design
  • 59+ languages
  • Modern fully responsive content for PC’s, phones and tablets
  • Scenario-based content – based on real-life situations
  • Courses tailored to territory and job role
  • Fully customizable, enabling you to add your own branding, imagery and tone of voice
  • We build compliance campaigns around key risk areas that go beyond one-off training experiences including videos, microlearning and reminders.

We have many training experiences relating to GDPR and Data Privacy. Check out our video and take a sneak peek at our GDPR course.


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