Follow in the Footsteps of the Modern CISO: Gerald Beuchelt

In The Making of the Modern CISO, four leading executives make themselves uniquely vulnerable as they illustrate how their journeys in the cybersecurity domain define them.

The Making of the Modern CISO

These trail-blazing sleuths engage instantly and intuitively with the dynamic that is today's InfoSec arena, even as their incident-response teams leap into action at the drop of a hack.

Modern CISOs raise the bar by:

  • Running headlong into the cybersecurity fray
  • Feeding a hunger for exciting new security and business challenges
  • Striving to meet high personal expectations

Meet the CISO: Gerald Beuchelt

Hear from Gerald Beuchelt, (former) CISO at LogMeIn, as excerpted from The Making of the Modern CISO eBook. Follow Beuchelt from the beginnings of his passion for protecting privacy. Learn of his vision for security. Understand what new challenges this modern CISO faces. And share his apprehension about an alarming new threat.

That First Spark

Gerald Beuchelt, CISO at LogMeIn in 2018, developed a passion for protecting privacy after he Googled his name and found a lot of personal information online. He exclaims, “It was so easy to find all this information about me quickly on various websites I'd never heard of before!”

“It motivated me to protect my family and apply what I learned to larger companies. I care deeply about people's security and privacy,” he says. “It keeps me grounded.”

CISO Self-Image and the View from Gerald's Seat

Beuchelt juggles many responsibilities while fostering a positive vision for security and his role in it. “Security isn't just sitting in a corner, protecting networks, and saying 'No!' to people's requests. I see myself balancing security requirements with business conditions and allowing the company to innovate as fast as we can,” says Beuchelt.

“At the same time,” he continues, “I see myself maintaining a high degree of confidentiality and integrity for the properties that we have internally, as well as those that we implement for our customers.”

New Responsibilities

There's a fair amount of PR and marketing involved in building customer trust, but the CISO has a role to play here, too. “Talking in detail about the security program with a certain level of authority is important for the company, to protect this trust,” says Beuchelt.

“PR and marketing have become much more visible than they were ten years ago. That's something that really has changed for me personally,” he says.

Cyber Threats and Losing Sleep

There's an alphabet soup of cyber threats, from APTs to Zinapps (a rogue security software infection). Which one keeps Gerald Beuchelt up at night?

“I'm worried about the malicious use of AI,” says Beuchelt. “You can use it to impersonate voices, edit live video on the fly while escaping detection, orchestrate attacks across many vectors, and target spear-phishing attacks en masse.”

“Obviously, we're looking at ways to deal with it. I think there's a lot of interesting potential in AI and machine learning solutions coming out that can help us with that. I feel that this is a topic we will be talking about for a few years to come,” he explains.


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