Benefits of Control Automation and Data-Driven Compliance

How automation and AI technologies can keep GRC quality up and compliance costs down

Anton Lissone, Chief Technology Officer at SAI360 discusses the benefits of control automation and data-driven compliance with Peter Paul Brouwers, a partner at KPMG GRC Technology.

This on-demand webinar session, recorded at the GRC EMEA forum focusing on compliance, audit and risk (April 2021), features tips on how to keep quality up and compliance costs down.

Key topics covered:

  • Push assurance down to the first line while retaining independence and objective
    Transition supported by tooling and proper change management, from build-on controls towards build-in controls, how to re-use by the 2/3/4 line of defense, cultural adjustments and cross-silo collaborations
  • Reducing manual processes through data decision support
    Data-driven compliance through control automation, transaction monitoring and decision support including prescription of direction
  • The next frontier: Data and AI in compliance processes
    Further enhancing decision support by embedding artificial intelligence and natural language processing (AI/NLP) to help prescribe or predict compliance-related workflows


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