Open Letter on Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace

Recent news stories of sexual misconduct highlight the need for companies to uphold workplace cultures that are open and transparent, and foster and feed trust. There is an increasing requisite from employees to feel a sense of alignment between their own values and those of the organization they work for, as demonstrated by the words and actions of its leaders and managers, from the very top of its ranks. 

That is why we, at SAI Global, are committed to providing the tools and resources that educate your workforce, encourage open and honest discussion, and nurture a culture of respect. As providers of ethics and compliance learning to some of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world, we recognize this as another example of the very real risks that companies are facing today. 

Ethics and compliance education creates awareness of your company's Code of Conduct and establishes a standard for workplace behavior. And training, along with policies, effective management, and strong and consistent messages from leadership help to start the conversations that make a real difference. 

We need to create environments in which all people are comfortable speaking up without fear of retaliation and that starts by having the policies and controls in place to do so. 

These measures help to prevent harassment, in all of its forms. 

To help our customers and community safeguard against these risks, we're making this six-minute education tool called You'll Get Used to Him available for free until March 2018.  



The SAI Global Team 

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