Will Companies Start to Embrace the ‘Zoom’ Work Culture and How will this Impact their Risk Environment?

GRC Supper Club Episode 2: Thursday, May 28

SAI Global is a proud sponsor of the second episode of the virtual GRC Supper Club. This global peer group network collectively drives GRC thought leadership, while also breaking down silos and building cross-industry relationships.

In this second episode of the COVID-19 trilogy, the group discusses: “Will companies start to embrace the ‘Zoom’ work culture and how will this impact their risk environment?”

This virtual GRC networking event will feature a panel of renowned subject matter experts (SME’s) to help guide the conversation including:

  • Stelios Valtzis  CISO, SaarGummi Group
  • Chris Philips  CEO of The International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO)
  • Sean Freidlin  Director of Ethics & Compliance Learning, SAI Global

Please register to watch this webinar on-demand: 



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