Tech in Action: EHS Metrics and Insights – Get the Most Out of Your Data

When it comes to monitoring and improving EHS performance, the most important asset you can lean on is data.  One of the easiest and efficient ways to collect and manage this data is by using an EHS software solution and mobile app with built-in advanced reporting and data analytics capabilities.  

Smart reporting, data visualizations and advanced analytics from one single, convenient source can support EHS professionals to be more resourceful and less reactive.  Understanding what to measure, how to analyze data, and how to present information to suit different needs can change stakeholder and employee engagement and drive improvements across an enterprise.  

Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar to see in practice how technology can support your company in: 

  • Getting the foundation right to succeed with reporting and advanced analytics 
  • Bringing metrics to life using visualizations 
  • Broadening the use of combining Leading and Lagging indicators beyond a balanced scorecard 

Speakers: Paul Hayes and Fauzilah Tahir, SAI's EHS experts

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